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When it comes to providing the deepest and most thorough carpet cleaning available in Smyrna today, we're second to none! We know a lot of companies say that, but we mean it as we try harder, and that is what we do best!

Call Smyrna Carpet Cleaners on (678) 466-3571 for superior carpet cleaning in Smyrna GA. Or use our contact us page for a free quote.
Carpet Cleaning Smyrna - Upholstery Cleaning Smyrna

Smyrna Carpet Cleaning Services - Whether it's coffee stains on the carpet, mud, wine, urine & even pet stains and bad odors to mention a few, you name it; our Smyrna Carpet Cleaning technicians can and do get rid of all those engrained stains and bad odors leaving your home fresher, cleaner and healthier place to live in. In fact, we even remove deep down dirt you can't see from simply looking at your carpet, as our powerful machins brings up to the surface dirt that sinks in over time and that too will be cleaned and removed.

The best part is; not only do the stain removal treatments and carpet deodorizers come with our special carpet cleaning ordered at cleanWIZZ Smyrna Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning when you trully want a good cleaning service, but you can rest assured that we don't use any harsh chemicals, and all our treatments are totally safe around children and pets at all times.

  • Rapid Drying Times
  • We can move the Furniture
  • We're Wool Cleaning Specialists
  • All our treatments are Safe Around Children & Pets
  • We use No Harsh or Toxic Chemicals
  • Leaving your carpet ready to use immediately

Additional services to our carpet cleaning, is Area Rug cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning.